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2012 NFL Draft Countdown

Saturday, October 8, 2011

200 Days Until 2012 Draft: First Look

To start our run-up to the 2012 NFL Draft, just a mere 200 days away, we drop the current roster (as of Week 4, 2011) for a depth check:

QB Johnson, Josh (4); Freeman, Josh (3)
RB Graham, Earnest (8); Lumpkin, Kregg (3); Blount, LeGarrette (2); Bradford, Allen (0)
FB  Lorig, Erik(2)
WR Spurlock, Micheal (4); Stroughter, Sammie (3); Williams, Mike (2); Parker, Preston (2); Benn, Arrelious (2); Briscoe, Dezmon (1); Webber, Raymond (0, IR)
TE Winslow, Kellen (8); Stocker, Luke (0); Pianalto, Zack (0); Franklin, Collin (0)
T Trueblood, Jeremy (6); Penn, Donald (6); Lee, James (4); Dotson, Demar (3); Hardman, Derek (2)
G Joseph, Davin (6); Zuttah, Jeremy (4); Larsen, Ted (2)
C Faine, Jeff (9)
LS Yount, Christian (0)
P Koenen, Michael (7)

DE Crowder, Tim (5); Bennett, Michael (3); Wilson, E.J. (2, IR); Clayborn, Adrian (0); Bowers, Da'Quan (0)
DT Okam, Frank (4); Miller, Roy (3); Price, Brian (2); McCoy, Gerald (2)
OLB Hayward, Adam (5); Diles, Zac (5); Black, Quincy (5); Hayes, Geno (4); Watson, Dekoda (2)
MLB Foster, Mason (0)
SS Jones, Sean (8); Lynch, Corey (4); Grimm, Cody (2, IR); Asante, Larry (1)
CB Talib, Aqib (4); Mack, Elbert (4); Jackson, Tanard (4, SUS); Biggers, E.J. (3); Lewis, Myron (2); Barber, Ronde (15); Holland, Devin (0); Gaitor, Anthony (0)
K Barth, Connor (4)

A quick look through this chart shows only a few possibilities for draft targets.  Another young linebacker would balance the group.  The tackle group has plenty of youth and effective starters, but there is no drafted talent working up through the ranks.  Not to say that you must have tackles which are draft choices (Donald Penn clearly breaks the mold), but a drafted player has higher rated talent, and having that type of talent in reserve competing for starting time advances the quality of the position.

There is the persistant question of when Ronde Barber will decide he's set enough records for longevity, plus the ongoing circus of Aqib Talib.  You cannot have enough good corners in the NFL and Tampa Bay has youth at the position.  But hedging against both Talib (suspension? jail?) and Barber (retirement) being gone is a serious consideration.

Most other positions have drafted talent in the pipeline, much of which is finding it's way to the field.  But, for now, we have a couple positions to consider.

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