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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Combine 2011: The GM Speaks

With the 2011 Combine in the books, it's time to look for relevant information we can use to figure out who is on the radar at One Buccaneer Place and why.

A great start is listening to Tampa Bay GM Mark Dominik from NFL Network on 2/26/2011:

Significant quotes:
  • @1m 10s:  "It is a good offensive line year . . . It's talented in offensive line, specifically at the tackle spot"
  • @2m 30s: "We're going to let the draft come to us . . . I like where we're at . . . it's been an active spot for trades . . . a good spot to possibly pull a deal if you want to."
  • @5m 17s: "When you look at the Packers now and where they're at in terms of age but what they just accomplished this year, certainly, again, it gives you another blueprint to say we're going in the right direction in our beliefs"
  • @7m 41s : "Mike Williams led all rookies in receiving yardage and catches; LeGarrette Blount led all rookies in rushing, and Josh Freeman is younger than both of them.  He's just touching what he can become . . ."
  • @ 8m 5s : "We're going to use the draft and stay true to our board; and make sure we take the best player that can help us.  And it may not be the position that everybody thinks we're supposed to take first, but it will be the best one we think can help our football team."
The video is 9 minutes long and well worth a watch.

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